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 Steel parts, steel products and an external metal workshop


Steel parts, steel products, and an external metal workshop

  • we manufacture different types of parts or finished products for the industry and
    building industry e.g. service platforms, railings, supports and steel constructions
  • we function as an external metal workshop for factories, real-estate companies
    and public organisations constructions, service and repair
  • we supply and mount stairs and railings for public buildings, homes and cottages

  • we offer materials and mounting

Your Problem Solver, with special focus on a well functioning high quality end product

MG 7428

Whenever in need of a problem solver in steel constructions,
please contact us!



Tor-Leif Häggman  •  Vörå Stålbygge Ab
+358 50 525 9921 •  tor-leif@vsb.fi

Rejpeltvägen/Rekipellontie 129
FI-66600 Vörå/Vöyri Finland

Problem solver
in steel business since 1964.

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